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house_rewound's Journal

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rewatching-reviewing season one and two ever since the show started sucking!
house_rewound: rewatching-reviewing season one and two ever since the show started sucking!
No, seriously - this comm was borne from a desire to babble amongst ourselves about the good old days of House, MD after getting shirty with the more recent canon presented to us (COUGH, SEASON THREE, COUGH). We like ethical debate, we like yelling about the relationships between characters, we think House had this in copious amounts during the first two seasons and damnit, we want to BASK IN IT.

So we're here to rewatch the first and second season of the show. Each week, on a Saturday, the maintainers will nominate a random episode from season one or two to discuss - a post will be made announcing this - and from there you are welcome to go nuts with anything relating to that episode.

1. We aren't too strict here and we don't give a crap what you post about, as long as it's got to do with the current episode. Character analysis, musings on developing relationships, how nice Chase's hair was, the cinematography, screencaps, a general episode review, whatever - we want to hear! WE JUST REALLY MISS THE GOOD OLD DAYS OKAY. :*(
1a. But post the words "if this isn't allowed, feel free to delete" and I will annihilate you. It's a pet hate. Or those stupid ship names (Ham, Hilson, you know). I am so not PMSing.
2. Controversy is good. Arguments about whether House is being a dick is good. However, personal attacks and general douchiness will not be tolerated. Keep the community sand-free please?
3. Regarding images: anything that, to you, seems likely to break somebody's flist, cut.
4. Feel free to refer to season three or four in context - we're not going to hate on you for that!
5. If there are any problems - your moderators are stephbass and rainsquall. Feel free to email questions or feedback or cash donations to no.flightpath (at) gmail (dot) com.